Thank Jesus

Preschool Lesson Based on Luke 17:11-19

One day ten sick men saw Jesus walking toward them. The men were lepers. They had bad sores on their skin. They had to live outside their town.

How would you feel if you had to live outside of your town away from your family?

The sick maen called out, “Jesus, please help us.” Jesus told the men they could go back into town. He didn’t say so, but He had made the men well!!

The men started toward town. They looked at their skin and saw that the sores were gone! Now they could live with their families again.

Who made the men all better? Were the men happy they were not sick anymore? Where did the men go to live when they got better?

One man came back. He said, “Thank You, Jesus.” He remembered to thank Jesus for His care.

Should we thank Jesus for making us better when we get sick?

What are other things we can thank Jesus for?

Can we thank Jesus everyday when we pray?

PLAY ACT IT OUT: Have your child pretend that he is the thankful healed man. He has already thanked Jesus and is going home. He can hug the other family members and tell them how glad he is to be home again. Suggest that he show them the places on his arms and legs where he used to have sores and tell how Jesus made his skin well. Then everyone in your family can sing, “Thank Him, Thank Him, all my happy family….Jesus cares, Jesus cares” to the tune of “Praise Him, Praise Him”

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